Executive advisory & consultancy for world leading blockchain enterprise
RoundTable21 is an International, multi-disciplinary team of consultants and advisors partnering alongside leading blockchain startups to offer guidance, expertise, investment and hands-on assistance in every aspect of fundraising, strategic business operations, compliance and brand development.
Our team brings together a world class Global Advisory Network with proprietary vetting, scoring and project accelerator for the builders of the future. Proprietary software analyses and outputs a balanced scorecard that definitively assesses each project against a variety of metrics validating their long-term potential.
We harness the collective strength of our network to pinpoint strengths and pain points, prioritizing effort and expertise to fuel sustainable long-term growth together enabling access to our venture capital partners by providing a comprehensive assessment of investment potential.
Our Vision
Through our collective expertise our vision is to become the premier crypto global consultancy firm, that will offer executive advisory, legal counsel, project analysis, VC funding, technical & development house, white hat hacking, media creation, and social media support services.
Our strength is in our numbers, our experience, our integrity, our loyalty, and our trust in one another!