Our Methodology
RoundTable21 only work with Tier 1 projects, who demonstrate the highest levels of technical innovation, integrity and long-term growth ambition and commitment to drive adoption of blockchain technologies solving real world issues.
Our team have built proprietary vetting, scoring, and project building for the builders of the future. Our goal is to become the best resource for both project partners and venture capital providing deep project analysis, and objective assessment using a balanced scorecard methodology.
Beyond project analytics & assessment RoundTable21 has the in-house capability to deliver Software Security Engineering (SSE) / Software Assurance (SA) documentation. Our team create a standard expectation that SSE documentation is required throughout the entire development life cycle of any project we engage with.
We conduct an independent assessment of the security requirements for the system, ensuring a logical design as a companion. SSE/SDLC act almost like point counterpoints and demonstrating SSE effort should show that the design has been considered in terms of both functionality AND security.
This enables Roundtable21 to deliver a comprehensive security stance with all the projects that we interact with. Plus, we can better vouch for security statements made by projects we're advising. We help to pre-emptively mitigate or remediate flaws that could develop into fatal zero-day level vulnerabilities.